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This site is dedicated to the vintage Star Wars Action Figure Leia Organa in Bespin Gown.
It's purpose is to provide information on the figure's origin, history, variations, accessories and much more.
It will not only cover the US Kenner line but it will additionally cover other countries and companies like Mexico's Lili Ledy, Spain's POCH and England's Palitoy to name a few.
This site could not have been possible without The Imperial Gunnery, it's forums and members!

This is a living site. Information will change from time to time and can benefit from your help.
If you would like to contribute to the site or have questions, concerns or find errors, please Click Here to email Me.

My little Leia Army
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My complete US Kenner MOC run including the 31B and Revenge Proof.(NOT COMPLETE PIC! - Sorry.. missing my 45A Hand-Cut Proof *edited: 08-01-2017)

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