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My Loose Collection
I will be posting more shots at some point, but here is my loose display.

Click for Huge Image

The top row are all COO#1s, mostly major variants with a couple minor variants.
The next row down, from left to right are COO#2s, COO#3s COO#4s, COO#5 & COO#6.
The bottom row, from left to right are COO#2s minor variants and factory paint errors (half painted hand, one un-painted foot and two unpainted necklaces), my ESB-C baggies with COO#2 Crew Neck and COO#3 Turtle Neck (FAKE - NEED TO RESHOOT GROUP IMAGE :( ), ESB Topps cards, my custom Leia Bespin Escape figure, two Mexican Bootlegs and a Leia Bespin Galactic Hero. :).

The cardbacks on top are an ESB 31B with bubble still attached, an ESB 32B and a General Mills German 45 back single stem.

Brown Limbed Transformant

A few unpainted figures (necklaces, hand, foot, etc) and minor variants that spilled over from the upper shelves.

My custom made Leia Bespin 'Escape' figure

Some Mexican SA (Semi-Articulated) bootlegs

Galactic Hero


A transformant, simply put, is anything that would alter the physical appearnce of a figure or accessory causing it to no longer match it's original produced state.

Things that can transform and alter plastics can include chemical breakdown due to age, prolonged exposure to sunlight or other foreign materials.
Think yellow Stormtroopers or yellowed Luke Skywalkler Farmboys as the most common transformants.
Transformants are NOT variants as the effect is not what was visible when they left the factory.

For a great read on transformants and the effect of age on Star Wars figures, please read this great article over at TIG. HERE

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