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My Focus

Why did I decide to focus on Leia Organa in Bespin Gown?

Well, that is easy. I wanted to focus on Luke Skywalker (farmboy, original figure) and Leia as well.
However, when I was looking around at current prices, I knew the original Leia would be a serious drain on my bank account (and yes, Luke would too). I also thought the original Leia was a bit plain looking being all white, so I thought, "Why not another Leia variant?"

Thinking about it, I loved The Empire Strikes back and when thinking on scenes in the movie, the Cloud City/Bespin scenes were great!
We have Boba Fett really being shown, giving us more insight into him; Leia being hit on by Lando; C-3PO gets mangled; Han gets frozen; and Luke, well, let's just say he had a really bad day!
So, that was it, Leia in her Bespin Gown it was!

I made the mistake early on by not researching what I was getting into. I hadn't really dug into what variations were, nor how I would actually collect them and what kind of budget I should set. I thought she would be cheap to collect based on a ton of eBay sales of the most common of common variants in average condition.
What I didn't take in to account was the many, many variations, condition, original accessories, condition (yes, again) and then there are the foreign figures as well.

Nine months into my first Leia Bespin figure, I have a over 30 variations. Some are major and a ton are minor.
If you want one of every major variation, there are about 16 I can think of quickly!
For the remainder of figures above those 16 I have in my focus so far, they mainly are minor differences that are seen in the paint used (different hair and eye colors or glossy vs matte paint used), different molds used for each COO, plastics used that give more or less definition and different paint mask applications (lipstick vs none, sideburns vs none), factory painting errors and more.

Anyway, that is all I have to ramble on about at the moment.

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